What is my learning goal:  Read chapter books on topics I enjoy.

What have I learned?  Read the back cover to see if I might enjoy the book.

What is my next step? To make sure I read regularly out of school and record it it my Home Communication Book.


WALT: Poem with a twist.

I learned that you write about something that makes it not happen.

I achieved my goal because i thought of my favourite thing and how it worked.

 Next time I will make it sound better.


i am learning different Athletics skills.

I learned how to do a scissor kick.

 I achieved my goal because is sprints i made a it to the finals and come 4th.

 Next time I will try to keep hold of the discus.

Integrated Topic

WALT: design a piece of furniture.`
 I learned how to fill in a triangle roof.

I achieved my goal because I filled in a triangle roof.

 Next time I will make the side of my creation stronger.


WALT:  pass,kick and catch a large ball.

I learned that it is harder than I thought it was to catch large balls.  

 I achieved my goal because I learned what a log pass was

Next time I will try to catch large balls.

Maths Term 3

WALT: Display data in a bar graph

 I learned that there is a X axis and a Y axis

 I achieved my goal because completed my bar graph

 Next time I will make my words more clear on my graph


WALT: create a mosaic picture using pastel and Indian Ink.

 I learned what a mosaic is.

 I achieved my goal because the pattern on the snake is good.

 Next time I will work faster to get my work finished.